A beautiful story received from Pippie Kruger’s loving mom, Anica, that we had to share:

When Pippie started using cannabis believe me we tried so many types. I was high out of my skull on some (I test everything before i give it to her) and some I personally think was the biggest bunch of tea leaves boiled in tar.

We did find some good ones and we built up over the years. Then we met Pierre (from Cancure Pharmacy) and he told me about African Cannamed Co (obviously I didn’t really think it could do much). I started her on 2000mg and in 30 minutes I saw her eyes light up. She was so focused and she was so bright (Pippie is not mentally disabled, she had 5 strokes) so her body is just not reacting the way it should. After the first week on African Cannamed CBD oil I could see her really getting more focused, more communicative, more sensory aware and definitely more “the Pippie i know” It must be so hard being trapped in her body, she would get frustrated and easily lost interest in things when she couldn’t get something done.

After we used African Cannamed she would spend like 30 minutes to an hour trying to do something instead of just giving up. Her appetite improved, obviously, but so did her gut health (she is on a full ketogenic diet). Her constipation got better and her absorption of foods got better, she went off from 20 supplements to 3. She slept better, she didn’t have nightmares anymore.

Pippie never had seizures but sometimes she would zone out completely. Her eyes would go cloudy and squint and she would be out for 5 to 7 minutes, but after we started African Cannamed, it would be weeks, even months in between these episodes. When she has a bad day I would double her dose and she would be her happy self in 20 minutes. I know we used a stronger dose once and then she just didn’t have bad days anymore.

I am in awe of what it has done for her and really wish you could meet her and see how she reacts to the product. We mixed it with 100mg suppositories once a week and Insangu THC under her feet also, the combination was a boost, but in the end we only used African Cannamed CBD oil and the THC. She is also on Tree of life and psycilobin mushrooms and that combo with African Cannamed was also incredible. It is as if the African Cannamed CBD enhanced all the other products.

So instead of me writing for hours. I can only say thank you for what African Cannamed has meant to us and thank you for wanting to help us.

Pippie Burn Victim and African Cannamed user